Hulas King (Siemens)


As Director, Diversity, Professional Affiliations & Global Community Relations at Siemens PLM Software, Hulas King is responsible for the strategy and operational leadership of the Siemens PLM Software Global Diversity Council. He also leads Professional Affiliations & Global Community Relations Teams, driving innovation and digitalization value for displaced workers, strategic customers and business partners. Mr. King is a decorated Vietnam veteran, a Certified Manufacturing Engineer and a Certified NC Manager. He was inducted into the African-American Biographies Hall of Fame for outstanding contributions in Business and Engineering. He represents SIEMENS on several professional boards including the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Advancing Minorities' Interest in Engineering (AMIE), the Stone Soup Foundation, the Industrial Engineering Operations Management Society (IEOM), the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) and the Professional Business Leadership Council.  He travels extensively within the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, speaking at various technical seminars in support of Global Opportunities in PLM.


Hulas managed the GO PLM Program, nurturing strategic partnerships that provide significant added value for academic institutions, under-represented populations programs and Siemens’ global communities. He serves on the Digital Manufacturing Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) Workforce Development Council. These partnerships exemplify SIEMENS as the PLM Industry Leader and are successful in developing technology environments where underutilized citizens of the world can work together to improve their economic conditions and promote peace. He also served as McDonnell-Douglas’ Program Manager of the Product Definition Data Interface (PDDI) program, a predecessor to STEP.

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