Academic Partners

AMIE's College and University partners include all of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the nation that have ABET accredited Schools of Engineering. Combined, these 15 schools represent 4% of the nation's accredited engineering schools but are responsible for ~30% of all blacks who graduate with an bachelors degree in engineering. To learn more about each of these impressive Schools of Engineering just click on the school's logo below.

ALAandM.jpgFLAandM.jpgHampton.jpgHoward.jpgJackson_State.jpgMorgan_State_(150th).JPG Norfolk_State.jpgNCAT.jpgPrairie_View.jpgSouthern.jpgTennessee_State.jpgTuskegee.jpgUofDC.jpgUMES.jpgVirginia_State.jpg

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