AMIE Ambassadors

The AMIE Ambassador Program was initiated in 2012 to:
  • Foster participation and communication of AMIE schools
  • Influence minority students to continue to pursue engineering majors
  • Promote continuous learning as students transition into STEM careers

The program provides participants insight to gain exposure to trends, principles and develop skills needed to shape the future of AMIE and STEM career students. Participants are selected for 6 -12 month assignments and are provided with a stipend.

On their campuses and in their communities, AMIE Ambassadors:

• Influence and heighten the awareness of students regarding AMIE
• Engage and educate student organizations on AMIE and its purpose
• Attend student fairs
• Engage non declared majors
• Complete and submit monthly reports
• Identify areas of improvement/opportunity
For additional information please review the AMIE Ambassador Student Orientation tool.


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