Board of Directors

AMIE's Board of Directors include leaders from business and industry, higher education and government agencies working together to advance the AMIE mission and vision.

We're happy to introduce you to our new Chair, Gary Schneider and Vice Chair, Matt Lavelle!


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         Gary Schneider                           Matt Lavelle


Gary Schneider, AMIE Chairman

Vice President, Global GSI Sales
IBM WW Ecosystems

Gary Schneider has been in the technology industry since 1988, when he joined IBM as a software developer at the IBM Toronto Lab Database as a member of the DB2 development team. He was a member of the initial technology transfer team that first delivered DB2 on the Windows and AIX platforms in the early 90’s, porting the product from OS/2. During
that time in Toronto he held positions with progressively increased responsibility within Development, Business Partner Enablement, Marketing and Business Development.

In 1999, he ventured into the entrepreneurial space, leading a startup technology company that specialized in digital media distribution using VPN (Virtual Private Networks) for instore advertising. Key clients include Wal-Mart Canada and Wendy’s Corporation. The company won the Canadian Venture Fair as the best investment opportunity of the year in 2000.

In April 2001, he returned to IBM US, being named Worldwide Director of Channel Development, responsible for worldwide strategic alliances and technical enablement for IBM’s Information Management (IM) division under IBM Software Group.
In March of 2003, he was named Director of Linux Competitive Technology for IBM’s Information Management business. In this role, his organization had responsibility for IBM Data Management’s business strategy and execution on Linux, including alliances with Novell, Red Hat and other emerging Linux vendors and solutions providers. In January 2006, he was appointed to the position of Worldwide Director of Field Technical Presales and Sales Enablement for Information Management, responsible for the Field Technical IM community, as well as overall sales training for all IBM seller communities on the IM portfolio.

In February 2010, Mr. Schneider accepted the role of CTO & Vice President of Technical Leadership for IBM's Growth Markets Unit, based in Shanghai, China, responsible for driving technical sales, innovation, and technical & professional skills development across the eight growth market regions. He returned to the US in 2015 as Global Vice President
of Technical Sales for IBM Global Markets.

He is currently Vice President of Global GSI Sales for IBM Worldwide Ecosystems. He is responsible for sales of IBM technology to and through IBM’s top global systems integrator partners.

Mr. Schneider has an engineering degree from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and an M.B.A. from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.

Matt Lavelle, AMIE Vice Chair

Vice President of Operations, Boston Scientific

Matt Lavelle is a Vice President of Operations at Boston Scientific responsible for leading one of fourteen global manufacturing plants that leverages innovative technology to produce life enhancing medical devices.  In 2020 Boston Scientific’s devices saved or enhanced the lives of 36 million people around the world.   

Matt has over twenty years of progressive leadership experience within Boston Scientific’s Global Operations function and has served as a Production Supervisor, Production Manager, Engineering Manager, Director of Production, and Multi-site Director of Materials prior to his current role.  In his tenure with Boston Scientific, Matt has worked in three different locations and supported all six of the company’s business divisions. 

Matt has served as an active member of the AMIE Board of Directors for four years and was proud to represent Boston Scientific as a podium speaker during the Dean’s Power Breakfast at BEYA 2017. 

Prior to joining Boston Scientific, Matt served as an Infantry officer in the US Army for six years in multiple command and staff assignment locations around the world.

Matt earned a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington and a MBA in Operations Management and Finance from the University of Minnesota.


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