Employment Opportunities with Boeing at BEYA 2018


Greetings and Happy New Year,

Boeing will be attending the 2018 Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference, February 8-11, and we we're looking forward to meeting students there!  In an effort to identify the best and brightest, we recommend students apply to our opportunities prior to the event.  If you have students that are attending the BEYA Conference please share the information below and encourage them to apply to the intern and full time opportunities we will be interviewing for at the conference. 

Students have several opportunities to be chosen for an interview.

  1. Apply now at www.boeing.com/careers/beya.  If chosen, a recruiter will call to schedule an interview.
  2. Attend our prescreen event on Friday, February 9th from 8pm - 10pm, Marriott Wardman Park, Thurgood Marshall North Ballroom (Mezzanine level). 
  3. Stop by our booth during the career fair to speak to recruiters and hiring managers.

Please note: Students must attend the conference in order to be considered for an interview

Students who are not attending the BEYA Conference can apply to our intern and fulltime opportunities at www.boeing.com/careers.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at BEYA!


Best Regards,


Darrell Warner

Boeing AMIE Board Member and BEYA Executive Champion

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